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TOM VERLAINE is a tall frame clothed unremarkably. He's basically apolitical, carrying the air of a fine artist whose possible been born into the wrong century. He's too American to be 'eccentric', he's not garrulous but thoughtfully articulate, often considering a question in a few moments of silent contemplation before delivering his reply.

A non-compliant 'guitar hero', one of the first from the infant-era of 'punk rock', he works now as ever in isolation from the rushing world-of-pop. Minus any devious business strategy he has arrived where he is today (a café in Westbourne Grove) via the lingering legend of Television and his (less heralded) solo albums.

He's fortunate to have record company (Virgin) finance. One imagines him without such support walking the streets of downtown Manhattan and rummaging through the garbage pails but still working.

At the moment he's enjoying a lengthy stay in England, content with the good fortune of being able to fly back to the States with Virgin Atlantic more or less anytime, to complete his new LP 'Cover'.

"It's two years since I started doing things for it. Various things have fallen by the wayside, some lyrics are a year old and some are three months. It wasn't a steady thing, being in and out of the studio every month or so until it was done. It's a long time I suppose, but it doesn't seem a long time to me."

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