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"HAVE HAT WILL TRAVEL," smirks David Thomas when I ask for a rapid précis of his career. "I've tried to make a career out of avoiding descriptions. Pere Ubu never fitted in anywhere, I've never fitted in anywhere. I like to explore a lot of different things, explore all the facets of my talent."

Pere Ubu, in which David Thomas was a singing central figure, lived and died amid the industrial wonderland of Cleveland, Ohio and bequeathed a substantial body of work (David has kept the substantial body).

Their six albums included the mighty 'Dub Housing' of 1978 and the final flourish of 'Song Of The Boiling Man' some three years back. Instead of a series of conceptual albums," continues David, "we produced the conceptual career. We started and set off to go someplace and on the way knew we were cutting our throats commercially.

"We started as a garage band, progressed through the land of big record companies as a garage band and we finished in the swamps of the Independents as a garage band – you better not quote that."

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