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TEST DEPT go CRACK! When they play they set loose a scalding and mysterious power. It creates a deep state of euphoric excitement among the participating audience. Within that CRACK! is a pagan-like force. It reduces intellect to a distraction. It's essence is a raw and potent emotion.

The vinyl, the video, the analysis, the debate, the waffle are sidetracks to the main event. The CRACK! is momentous but momentary and all the rest are ripples in its resonance.

To attempt a reasoned comprehension with the hand-me-down criteria of the r'n'r circus is tangential to the nature of the CRACK! It's more a question of intuition.

"People overlook the direct power of the thing and try to break it down into intellectual terms to confuse people that we're trying to get through to. It's held back with the intellectual bullshit that comes from most major music journalists. Ballet and opera are held back in the same way because they're given that middle-class, intellectual haze.

"The basic power in our music is still there. It's the lowest common denominator and everybody experiences that. Journalists can find hidden meanings that might stop people coming to see us but once they do come ... I don't think it'll make any difference after that."

The four minds ... CRACK! They talk as an entity. No quotes are attributable.

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