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FROM BLITZKREIG BOP to the 88 bus stop outside the Kensington Hilton. And after eight years I finally get to meet the Ramones. Back in 1976 the Ramones were about the only thing in the USA that wasn't boring. They played in London and fulfilled all the hysterical promise of 'Ramones' (an LP). Seeing them live was like driving a car into a wall at 100mph – continuously!

After two years of striving and starving in NYC they crossed the sea and found a (spiritual) home. Their impact was phenomenal.

Joey Ramone remembers: "That was the beginning, it was great, historic. Playing the Roundhouse and Dingwalls and selling out. Having all those kids coming to our soundcheck. A lot were to become the Clash and the Sex Pistols and all the groups that followed. It was great. Wild.

"Punk rock changed the world. I feel we revolutionised rock and roll. It was something that just happened. I guess in the same way the Beatles didn't know what was going to happen, or Elvis Presley didn't know what was going to happen. Things were getting pretty dull then and it's getting like that again now. All that synthesiser stuff to me isn't rock and roll, it's elevator music or something. I hear better music in my elevator."

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