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THE FEATURE you are about to read concerns Robert Forster and Grant McLennan of the Go Betweens. They’re sharing a sofa, tins of "strong beer" and a double act in which they’re both competitive and complementary to one another: something much akin to the four-way tension in the band as a whole.

Their new lp is called ‘Liberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express’ and attempts to describe highlight the obsolescence of pop journalese. The customary hyperbolic gushings and rows of '!!!'s are over used to the point of becoming meaningless. The Go Betweens deserve terms with more intrinsic value. Suffice to say I love it.

Grant: "lt’s the highest point of our career. We’ve made a landmark album with a record company we feel confident and comfortable with, and which is dedicated to making the Go Betweens secure. As the inter-relationship of people within the band, it’s never been so good."

The group are now signed to Beggars Banquet after spells with Rough Trade, Sire and Elektra.

Robert: "Musically, we've steered the same course but in personal terms Its been an absolute drag having to get to know new people all the time. Each year getting a ‘thank you and goodbye’ note. We have a feeling of force behind us now."

Grant: "They approached us. We didn’t approach them. And they don’t expect a hit single straight off like Sire did."

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