Billy Bragg





"EVERYONE SAID 'nice songs, go and form a band'."

Wisely, Billy Bragg ignored the advice of every record company mogul in London and, after a short spell of bashing his head against a table, proceeded on his chosen course of penning songs and performing them solo with a voice that would aggravate seals and a guitar style to set the teeth on edge.

Eventually a vaguely-interested Charisma released a seven-song set called 'Life's A Riot With Spy Versus Spy’. Later they thought better of it and allowed Billy to be snapped up by aspiring indie label legend Andy MacDonald of Go! Discs.

Billy recalls:

"Charisma said to MacDonald 'Billy is a Charisma artist, we believe in Billy and we're going to build his career up. MacDonald said 'I'll give you 1500' and they said ‘all right!’. Probably the best 1500 quid he's ever spent. I don't think he ever paid it either!"

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