SOME FOUR years ago in the sleepy, unsuspecting city of Oxford, emerged for the first time the entity known as Zounds. An animated product of the unsavoury thought processes of several recessive minds.

Original progenitor Steve Lake still sings and basses. Laurence Wood still sometimes sings and always guitars. Of the fateful Zounds dawning Steve recollects they embarked upon: “Various ventures and practical jokes.”

He speaks with an unsettling evil gleam twinkling in his eye. No doubt the victims of these early deeds still suffer grotesque nightmares as a consequence. Psychically maimed for life.

Drum-beater Josef Portar gave up on life and enlisted during March of last year. His presence adding a new edge and commitment which very quickly resulted in the 'Can't Cheat Karma' three song waxing on Crass’s label.

Steve: “We were doing some gigs under the auspices of the Street Level Organisation (a collective geared to the distribution of free music among the masses. The price is right but the sounds sometimes aren't) near where they lived. People at the gigs had told us about them (Crass) so we thought they'd be worth a visit.

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