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FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! to translate a line from their early 'Incubus Sucubus' single, is what a first impression of X-Mal Deutschland is full of.

When I saw them at the Venue last November they were burning with challenge, passion and magic. The songs were hard and powerful, raging flames of emotion. Their presence radiated a strange, indefinable charisma which acted as a kind of shock invite to an alluring world of darkness and danger.

The effect was haunting. A physical, rhythmic flirtation with the colossal that captured a raw energy... a resonance that throbbed and shuddered with an acute, refreshing sense of being alive.

'Fetisch', the LP, harnessed enough of that resonance to be vital vinyl – one of the few records that actually has some semblance of purpose, meaning and belonging to the present day.

The 'mystery' which others have referred to in writing about them stretches further than the simple exotica of their being foreign. Preparing to meet and interview them, a queasy uncertain feeling grows in the stomach. Some 'mysteries' are best left unsolved and there is a temptation to continue the savouring of the subject from a safe distance. But it is that allure again, that having to know which draws one on.

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