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I LAST dangled my tape recorder under the nose of Tracey Thorn a year or so ago in the soft-drinks only 'bar' of a Covent Garden youth club. Her group, The Marine Girls, were playing one of their modest gigs. They were then at the stage of recording bedroom cassettes and having themselves photographed with an inflatable dolphin. Tracey was temporarily employed in a toy shop before the lure of academia a led her to Hull University a course in English.

The Marine Girls' 'Beach Party' tape was eventually issued in vinyl form by Whaam! records and later Cherry red stepped in to sign the group and release the 'On My Mind' single.

Some time afterwards came Everything But The Girl, a duo comprising Tracey and Ben Watt, also a Cherry Red young hopeful and quite by coincidence a fellow student at Hull. Most recently has been Tracey's wondrous 'A Distant Shore' a solo 'mini' album.

She wrote her first song when aged 15. She's now a wizened 20-year-old.

We meet up again at Kingston Poly where the Marine Girls are doing one of their rare gigs (due to the geographical distance between the members) supporting the Monochrome Set. Tracey dutifully keeps out appointment and we rendezvous by the mixing desk them adjourn for what she later proclaims as "my first solo interview".

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