Simple Minds





IT STARTED at the Venue. Jim Kerr chewing gum, watching Durutti Column and talking about: "That passion in the music, that power and spirit which You can't really describe, you just feel".

Two hours later in room 310 of the Columbia Hotel Jim Kerr reclines on his unmade bed supping a triple brandy and lime. We are still talking about passion. Suddenly he springs eagerly forward and says: "But words just don't properly describe that feeling, the feeling that's... "

His hands meet in a horizontal line across his chest (about level with his heart I would guess) then rapidly they jerk upwards and part as they pass his cranium.

"... that feeling."

An hour or so after our interview, I ask him what Jim Kerr would be without Simple Minds. There. is a considerable pause as he muses over his reply, as though he has never before dwelt on this possibility. Then he says: "I'd probably be committing crimes... crimes of passion."

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