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CERTAIN ELEMENTS IN the employ of CBS Records seem keen to inform the press ranks that the Shillelagh Sisters met in a toilet. A gentlemen's toilet. Personally, I feel this not to be wholly significant and amusing to an even lesser degree. Still, such is the stuff of legends...

Trisha: "It was at a party. There was a queue a mile long outside the gals’ and there was no one in the blokes' so we went in there. We knew each other before that but that was the first time we'd discussed a band."

Izal. Or rather I see.

This debate occurred just prior to Christmas 1983. Trisha (vocs), Jacqui (sax), Mitzi (drums) and Lynder (double bass; stricken with a raging virus on the day of our meeting and consequently absent) became the Shillelagh Sisters.

Much more recently they appeared on TVs The Tube. A brief but courageous shambles which, I guess, woke up a few of the countless millions into breathless living room shimmying.

Enchanted, I stumbled out to see them at Camden's salubrious Irish Centre. A packed floor, a busy bar and the Shillelagh Sisters were a joy. All eight of them.

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