The Passions





THE PASSIONS you may recall, scored heavily in the TOTP countdown with an unmistakable slice of misty, trance-like pop in a song called 'I'm In Love With A German Film Star'.

Barbara Gogan's voice soared through a set of evocative. allusive lyrics whilst Clive Timperly's delicate Echoplex guitar bathed the piece in a gentle but concise atmospheric grandeur.

This transcendental-beat glide was further pursued on their second lp, '30,000 Feet Over China', a follow up to the far less smooth embrace of 'Michael And Miranda'.

On a quiet day last December the sleeping Sounds staff were suddenly awakened by the angry clanging of the international hot-line. The gabbling cadence at the other end broke the news that Clive had departed the outfit in Verona during an Italian tour due to 'serious political differences'.

The end of Passion pleasure?

A few began mourning but recently came handsome fresh product in the shape of the single, 'Africa Mine', recorded by the remaining trio with Barbara busying herself at the vacant fretboard. Word escaped too that a pair of new members had joined the fold and the five were deep into earnest rehearsing in Harlesden.

It's here that I meet up with the band. Barbara Gogan explains the current situation thus:

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