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FEW CAN have missed the exquisite pleasure of catching an earful of 'Kinky Boots', a record made by the original Avengers pair, Patrick MacNee (who played John Steed) and Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale) in the early 1960s.

An attempted spin-off, a cash-in atrocity if ever there was one, but somehow the blind (or rather deaf) faith displayed by the pair in the fetchingly awful nature of the offering enables a transcending of the taste barrier and the striking of a nerve, not to mention funny bone, in all who hear it.

Radio DJ Kenny Everett gave the thing a dusting off in his World's Worst Record show (Honor: “Best place for it”) gallery of grotesques a few years ago and now, anxious to adjust their reputation from Wimp to High Kicking, Cherry Red have repackaged the whole thing. Once again the record buyer is threatened.

“Surprise would be the polite word, shock would be more apt," comments the female half of the irresponsible duo on this skeleton suddenly wrenched from her past.

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