Holger Czukay





TAKE A closer look at that photo. Doesn't the subject seem a tiny bit familiar? Ignore the moustache but check the swept back wispy strands of hair and the warmly inquisitive expression.

Make the connection?

Yep, this gent may live and work under the name of Holger Czukay but his features are a ringer for that pioneering time lord William Hartnell, the first Dr Who.

The comparison doesn't cease at the physical resemblance. Common concepts of time and space must be thrown to the void, for this man is surrounded by severe chronological disorder.

Firstly his interviewing sessions take place in the EMI building, and the employees who labour therein are deep into celebration following the re issue of a four-year-old Kraftwerk track scooping up the national chart honours.

Secondly, after our chat, Holger plays me an unreleased cassette recording of his old band, Can, a cultish but highly esteemed bunch of ageing, happy dabbling Deutsche men who once circumnavigated the fiery frontiers of rock experimentation.

The sounds springing off the tape feature a highly-energised rhythmic propulsion sprinkled with a layer of loosely free form guitar. It's a spine-shaking yet heady aural feast which most of the self-conscious, would-be barrier breakers around today would give their most costly synth array to achieve.

The shocking truth is that these noises were captured in a German cellar, directly onto a Revox, in 1968.

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