A SOUND coming over the horizon... clippety-clop drums (no hi-hat or cymbal clutterings) like a quartet of hooves galloping across dusty desert soil, a breathy whispering voice wrapped up in a golden-toned hazy maze of guitars filling your ears with soft hints of sun-blessed Mexican imagery.

It’s by Felt and it’s their new single called ‘My Face is on Fire’. If you haven’t heard in you’re in the missing-out majority.

While Cherry Red, Felt’s record company, were gearing themselves up for the 27th (it seemed) torrent of torture from Eyeless In Gaza, Felt were spending an incredible eight months and a staggering (for a combo of their modest means) 1000 on this solitary 45.

I met up with them on a park bench. At least, the closest thing you can find to a park bench in the middle of Birmingham. Lawrence is the composer, the singer and guitarist. That’s not Someone Lawrence or Lawrence Someone, but just...

Lawrence: “We’re not lazy, it’s just that we’re perfectionists, I suppose. We certainly wouldn’t want to put anything out that was sub-standard.”

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