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“ARE YOU an international pop journalist? I mean do you fly all over the world interviewing people?"

Taking a deep breath and assuming a casual air, I modestly reply that I've been dispatched to exotic, tropical Sheffield three times in the last six months. In the pop world this may well be a record. Deborah's features remain unruffled. She makes a very good job of pretending not to be impressed.

Deborah Evans. The name may not cause chimes to ring out in your memory but you will have heard and undoubtedly not forgotten her voice. She was the owner of that remarkable topping to David Cunningham's batty restructuring of pop production that went under the banner of the Flying Lizards. Their shake up of 'Money' was a phenomenal ,world wide chart leaper.

Having maintained the lowest of profiles the possessor of this inimitable semi tuneful singing sound has now, once again, bled her stylised non croon onto vinyl. A version of 'Respect' (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.) the song written by Otis Redding and given immortality by Aretha Franklin. Credited to Deborah And The Puerto Ricans, the artefact is issued through CBS and produced by the unlikely Dennis Bovell.

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