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DANIELLE DAX did her first gig with the pre-record Lemon Kittens (although they renamed themselves Amy Turtle And The Crossroads for the occasion) wearing a green lab coat, a green balaclava and with a spiders web drawn across her face ("I was terrified of being recognised"). She played organ by moving her fingers across the keys following shapes which she'd earlier drawn onto cards and shuffled.

The Lemon Kittens became a two-piece, Danielle and Karl Blake. They released the acclaimed 'We Buy A Hammer For Daddy' and the relatively unnoticed 'The Big Dentist' LPs. In between, they undertook a series of gigs, monumental affairs incorporating body painting and other engaging visuals although it was, as Danielle admits, often "difficult music".

She has recently released an entirely solo album called 'Pop Eyes', issued by Initial Records.

'Pop-Eyes'. I like the intriguing ambiguity of that title. A host of meanings spring to mind. Somewhere deep down it could all be to do with spinach and pipe smoking...

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