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London The Venue

THE ALWAYS present Delta 5 live self-assurance is now partnered with the trimmings that go to make up the 'good ole rock and roll show' a trouble-free PA, intelligently-used lights and a decent-sized stage. But the Delta 5 themselves are still light years away from becoming merely another 'good band'. From the first drum beats of 'Delta 5' all of their individual and irresistible style is on display. Who mentioned po-faced?

The anthemic starter quickly surges into 'Anticipation'. Julz, stage left with hair piled to a crimson doughnut, has already discharged her guitar n favour of non-stop dancing in circles around her mic stand as if in heavy training for the next London marathon. On the opposite flank lurks Alan. Slicked-back barnet, white shirt with bow-tie (does it spin?) toking on a ciggy.

Pondering was I how they could compensate for the missing brass of the revelationary LP, but the mad axeman's spitting chord shapes combine rhythm and lead, volleying forth a wide-bodied frequency-filling melody.

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