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Shark Bait

CHRISTIAN LUNCH released a couple of EPs on his own Fish Ranch label whilst living and lurking around the periphery of the Los Angeles music scene. He then took it upon himself to uproot and migrate to foreign parts, his only luggage being the Teac 4-track strapped to his back. He now resides in Hamburg and has vowed not to return to his native continent until Reagan departs the White House.

He first reached my eager ears with ‘Jokes On You’, a contribution to the Let Then Eat Jellybeans compilation, and a delivering blessed with strident slabs of guitar, synth chirps, a marching beat and lyric decrying the current state of the States.

‘Political rock and roll songs have about as much impact as fly on a windscreen. I’ve got fingers in other methods that do something about windscreens’ said Christian as he declared ‘Jokes On You’ to be a Clash piss-take and sent me a copy of this album containing his ‘other methods’.

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