AS EVERY aware party-ist knows, between the jelly and the musical chairs comes Blancmange. In this recipe there are two ingredients: Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe.

You'll also need some of these utensils: an organ, a microphone, tapes, an echo machine or two and any other paraphernalia you can afford/borrow/find. For choicest mouthwatering end results the following procedure should be observed:

1) The two men met whilst graphics students at that great shrine to intellectual pursuits and academic brilliance, Harrow College. Stephen was dabbling in keyboards in a jazzy workshop type ensemble that had commandeered the college bar for an evening of avant amusements. Neil meanwhile had a part in a seven-strong grouping dedicated to the destruction of old Beatle songs.

Stephen: “The night that Neil saw us we had five percussionists and the bar was full of lawnmowers and washing machines. We used to mic those things up and they would just go. I'd been involved in this for about eight years.”

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