Alien Sex Fiend





I LAUGHED when I first heard it. A deep woosh of a laugh from deep down. Alien Sex Fiend were suddenly no novelty giggle as they steamed through the dank mists of the John Peel show using Rolf Harris' most immortal line as an opener.

This screech from within was a merciful release of sorts – 'Ignore The Machine' an instant slash through the pseudo-sensibilities and everyday ache of gripe-pop. Their record is nonsense and perfect. Both mocking and passionate. An apparently brainless ooze of noise. I think it's positively romantic!

Nik: 'It's great that you laughed at it. Everybody makes their own interpretation. It's a good feeling record, it makes me feel happy."

Nik is Nik Fiend, mouth artiste with the gait of Herman Munster, the eyes of Marty Feldman and the voice of Alf Garnett. He virtually sizzles through the interview. Marginally less flamey is Chris, manager of synth affairs and listed as Mrs Fiend on the record. (Mrs Fiend! Imagine a pointed eared housewife in curlers rubbing Brasso on goblin-shaped cutlery.) warming up towards the end is John (aka Ha! Ha! with drum machine) and remaining fairly cold throughout is Dave (Yaxi – guitar).

Chris: "It's quite emotional as well, sounds good whatever state you're in. You've really got to get into it and then you'll see exactly what I mean."

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