Anti-Nowhere League





“I WENT for a drink with them down in Tunbridge where they live. We were in this pub and they just grabbed the barman by the neck, pulled him over the bar and said 'You're not closing at eleven o'clock at you? We might want a few more drinks'. He kept the place open until one o'clock.” – Captain Sensible of the Damned reminiscing about a night out with the Anti-Nowhere League.

“I HATE people 'cos people hate me.” – A line from an Anti-Nowhere League song.

Chris: “We had nothing else to do so we started the band up about a year and a half ago.”

Winston: “We were in Tunbridge Wells and pissed off with the area, there was nothing happening, we were just bored and it seemed like a laugh. We did a few local gigs then a mini tour up North with the Damned and took it from there.”

Chris: “We saw them at the Bridgehouse and bribed them to take us along, it just escalated from there.”

Winston: “NEMS (the agency) carne and saw us at Wakefield and chucked us in at the Lyceum, the first Apocalypse thing. We're not used to doing interviews, we don't know what to talk about or how to act cool and say the right things really. You'll probably write it up like all the others saying how you got to the gig on the train and had a pork pie on the way.”

Chris: “Or ‘he growled menacingly over a cat, the cat winked at me and I left the room’, ha ha ha, or 'we exchanged snorts' he he he. You ask questions and we'll answer.”

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