The Alarm




live review


London Rock Garden

THE ALARM have the audacious aplomb to begin their set of jollies with aline-up comprising three acoustic guitars and a drummer. Singer Mike Peters strums away at a twelve string and with 'Shout At The Devil' begins the first in a series of passionate lyrical deliveries that, despite the possible limiations of the fragile backing, moves each number into the solid cast-iron realm.

In keeping with the self-financed and worth a listen single, 'Unsafe Building'/'Up For Murder', their live showing is split into acoustic and electric segments.

Mike switches top bass guitar and Eddie MacDonald takes up the lead electric pluck while Dave Sharp maintains his acoustic rhythm. Both take up a share of the vocal duties with as much depth and flair as Mike. To the group's credit, the swopping and mixture of instrumentation never intrudes on the overall character of the material.

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