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Mick Sinclair



"Mick Sinclair’s accessible approach ranges from Steinbeck to Balboa Park. Saturated with information on now and then, it focuses on architecture to Alcatraz, homophobia to hiking trails, its colour and clarity sustained. Comfortable reading on a dank suburban bus."

The Observer (London), January 1999


(originally published as California: The Versatile Guide)

"Mick Sinclair offers yet another look at the West Coast in California: The Versatile Guide (Duncan Petersen) a guide to the Golden State presented as series of tours by car and foot. The design is a bit old fashioned but easy to use and the abundance of postcard-style colour snapshots made up for by the impressive amount of sharp maps. Ideal for those driving up the coast and wanting to break away from San Francisco or LA."

Time Out (London), May 1994

"The new Versatile Guides are minutely researched for travellers who want something different. So far they are available for France, Italy, Greece and California. Leafing through the latter, which is by Mick Sinclair, a friend was fired with enthusiasm: 'It’s full of off-the-beaten-track ideas, he said. 'I’d love to drive up from San Francisco to the Oregon border, taking some of their detours on the way...'."

Homes & Gardens (London), July 1994


"Globetrotter Guides, fairly new on the world scene, are making a name for themselves as attractive easy-to-read pocket-sized guides with just the right amount of information for the average family on a two-week fly-drive holiday. After an excellent overview, with concise information on a wide range of topics, the Golden State is divided into seven regions, each with practical information, good colour photographs, a little map and sightseeing recommendations. Finally there are five pages of travel tips, especially useful for the first time-time traveller. The price is attractive too."

Essentially America (London), September/October 1997


"It is usually hard to persuade people of the fact that there’s more to Florida than Orlando and Disney World (for many, it must be said, Disney would be sufficient on its own). The Rough Guide to Florida by Mick Sinclair is an excellent practical guide to the good, bad and positively dangerous in America’s Sunshine State. From Art Deco in Miami Beach to the Salvador Dali Museum in St Petersburg, the Rough Guide tells you everything you need to know."

The Independent (London), October 1991


"Using an informal writing style, the author keeps the reader's interest by connecting the city's past with its current identity... an excellent supplement to a basic travel guide and it also stands alone as an informal history of the city."

John McCormick, Library Journal (USA), January 2004

"For readers who are more inclined to visit literary haunts and modern art enclaves than seek out trendy hotels and slick clubs, this latest entry to the Cities of the Imagination series delivers a great read... Sinclair's volume creates an alluring portrait of a vibrant city, one that is certain to spur curious readers to seek out little-known attractions (such as Japantown) and view well-known ones (such as the Golden Gate Bridge) with a fresh eye."

Publishers Weekly (USA), January 2004