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Scattered Order

AS THEIR name suggests, Scattered Order's input comes in apparently random scoops from here and there to be shaped and assembled under a grand design of their own. It makes for listening which veers from the stimulating to the laughable and, cunningly, they never let it quite be certain just how you should be responding.

At times they sport the bleak imagery of a 'Thirst'-period Clock DVA crawling with a near overwhelming intensity which with a strange ease frequently mutates into a possibly satirical humour. Other times they mash together such a unexpectedly eclectic and vibrant rhythmic frolics that you imagine them as esoteric dancefloor favourites.

This is their fifth disc and they come from Sydney, Australia, where they lurk on the experimental fringe and can exist with absolutely nobody hanging on to their every squeak for salvation. This perhaps is why they lack a certain urgency. You feel they could compress the assorted bits and bobs of inspiration and weld them to one really thrillsome noise. As it is they're merely "interesting" with a record frustratingly open ended. You yearn for a conclusion of some kind.


mick sinclair

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