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Katrina and the Waves

THE SECOND LP from Katrina And The Waves is a strange affair. Given that 'Walking On Sunshine' was the summer hit that epitomised the whole sugary genre you would be justified in anticipating a album stocked with gen-u-ine JANGLY STUFF – soaring melodies, euphoric lurve songs and full-frontal FUN!

Instead, 'Waves' is an hotchpotch of half-assed ideas. Something made doubly annoying when you consider the presence of Kimberly Rew, a fellow known to turn out angular pop tune tales of style, character and delicate forcefulness. To the ten inclusions, he contributes a mere two, one being the album's best track, a discreetly appealing slow-burner called 'Lovely Lindsey'. But the other is 'Is That It, a resolutely ugly piece of rockismo, full of stabbing brass and a straight-from-the-gut-but-forget-the-meaning vocal.

This opens the disc and sets a tone redolent of early '70s waster bands who would enjoy a surfeit of studio time but – with imaginations limited and addled – could only use to skate through a few second rate tunes shaped into a variety of imitative styles.

The biog remarks that recording Rew was usually found at the pool table a Alex Cooper spent a whole day getting a drum sound. My word! How thoroughly interesting!

But sadly believable. 'Waves' sounds lazy rather than ever being pleasantly 'relaxed' Through its course we're variously insulted by the Andrew Lloyd Webberisms of 'Sleep On My Pillow', the tired and obvious 'Mr Star' – a determined effort to break into the under five's market.

Oddly you find yourself wondering where the effervescent JANGLY STUFF might actually be. Where are the singles?

Overall it seems that as much thought has gone into the content of 'Waves' as went into the title – ie not much.

Verdict: Shoot'em!


mick sinclair

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