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"I DON'T THINK OF myself as a cross between Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson and Joni Mitchell. I don't know who that kind of person would be but I don't think it's me."

Neither do I. Suzanne Vega's debut LP has found critics clutching at only vaguely applicable reference points, none of which really convey the essence. She can sometimes hint at the above-named yet her best work is highly individual. In it is a chillingly fresh, icy perspective. Here is person-orientated material which casts new, strangely 80s views as it charts ascents and descents through states of emotional ennui.

Suzanne began writing songs at fourteen (she's now 25); penning silly countryish songs to amuse her younger brother and evolving these compositions in a traditional folksy vein. But in 1979 she visited England. In Glastonbury she designed costumes for a mediaeval pageant play (haven't we all) and remembers:

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