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DREAM SYNDICATE's first LP was called 'The Days Of Wine And Roses'. A modest sleeve spilled a piece of vinyl full of gorgeous crackling guitar and edgy, nerve jangling emotions. It dripped with feeling! It was released by Slash Records of Los Angeles and while Dream Syndicate are certainly a West Coast Rock Band they offer more than cliché and complacency.

Rough Trade obliged the disc with a release here last year and since then the four-strong group have signed a worldwide deal with A&M, issued a second album, 'The Medicine Show', and toured in Europe.

At the heart of the affair are the songs of Steve Wynn. He penned his first 20 years ago when aged four.

"A tune called 'Sing My Blues'," he recalls, "it had five chords and that's more than I use now. Any more than one chord obstructs what you're trying to bring across. Two chords is a rock opera and three is an epic."

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