Nona Hendryx



The Face


"Most of the things I've written have been drawn from some emotional upheaval, a reaction to something and stemming from the inner turmoil which occupies the majority of my waking hours."

And she looks so calm and sweet! None Hendryx was born in Trenton, New Jersey a region described by urban anthropologists as 'a ghetto' and by Nona as "quite a nice place".

Her father had "a drink problem which led to a lack of emotional stability in the house" and there is a twinkle in her eye indicating understatement when she describes herself as having been "a mischievous youth".

Indeed, she only began singing because a friend asked her to and "I would do anything." In the grand tradition of girl groups (this was the mid-Sixties) Patti Labelle & the Bluebells suddenly and unexpectedly found fame, firstly on the East Coast and then, in the Seventies as Labelle, on the international stage.

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