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BE WARNED! The first few notes of The Cult's 'Dreamtime' LP will rip your speakers apart! Their music is laced with – a storming power and energy and is topped by the distinctive high wailing vocals of Ian Astbury.

The Cult are descendants of Southern Death Cult, a band which formed two years ago and went directly from rehearsals in a Bradford basement to a tour with Theatre Of Hate (former TOH guitarist Bill Duffy now strums for The Cult) and instantly gained a substantial grass roots following.

Southern Death Cult became simply Death Cult and while both tasted success at indie chart level, the new and even more simply named ensemble are aiming for the headier realms of mainstream acceptance.

Their recent single 'Go West' was their most aggressively commercial to date and to coincide with the above mentioned debut album is an hour-long live video culled from a show earlier this year at London's Lyceum.

"We wanted something that showed us at the time of the album", explains Ian, "we felt that the band had grown up a lot and finally come into its own since the days of Death Cult. That was the first period when we felt really confident. We wanted a live video to capture that, it's not a commercial ploy it's more something for our fans."

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