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NOTHING ABOUT Alien Sex Fiend is predictable or expected. I mean, they claim never to rehearse ("too expensive"), exist on a meagre wage ("we all used to live on boiled eggs") and appear on stage with shrouds of smoke, muslin cobwebs and assorted skulls and bones.

Mrs Fiend is the synth-playing spouse of singer Nik Fiend (the couple keep a cat called Loony) and are alongside them are Johnny Ha Ha (percussion) and Yaxi (guitar).

The Fiends heads were first raised during the early days of The Batcave and since then their strange brand of Munsters and Addams Family trash horror rock has spawned two LPs (the charmingly titled 'Whose Been Sleeping In My Brain?' and 'Acid Bath') and two full-length videos capturing their live set in its unassuming gory glory.

The first video, 'Purple Glistener' was made by a small but ambitious company using just two cameras.

Nik "It was at Birmingham's Tin Can Club, our first proper headline gig outside London, and looking back we were a bit embarrassed by it. But some people think it's the greatest thing on the planet.

"We've learned a lot from watching it about how to project ourselves. I used to be lying on the floor for most of the gig but now I stand up and let me head wobble around!."

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